the last light

movement research + performance


︎ research, performance, improvisation, choreography, direction
︎ emergence theory, dynamic systems, phenomenology, embodied cognition
︎ Long Beach CA, USA + Temecula CA, USA

directed by Yasmine Lindskog
performed by Katie Istvan, Jack Taylor, Alvaro Nuñez Ramos, Natalie Wong, Rosario Lopez, Jenna Thormodsgaard, Colleen Hendricks, Madison Clark, Jamie Carr, Megan AuYeung
original music composition by Zachary Kenefick & Samara Rice
lighting Design by Elisha Griego
set design by Elisha Griego & Alvaro Nuñez Ramos
costume design by Liz Carpenter

Premiered at Martha B. Knoebel Theater

2nd Place in Creative Arts & Design at CSULB 27th Annual Student Research Competition

Selected for Front & Main Festival in Temecula, California
For this work I spent time researching dynamic systems, emergent patterns, phenomenology, embodied cognition, dance improvisation, and  experimental literature. As part of my research, I explored the application of emergence theory to dance, focusing on its relation to structured improvisation and the choreographic process. Ultimately, discovering that the use of emergence theory as a conceptual model leaves room for complex choreography to develop out of relatively simple structures. This project spanned months for research, process, and performance. I was particularly inspired in dynamic systems and emergent patterns. I studied the ways in which emergent patterns appeared in the world. From birds flocking to the people navigating their way through the city to the snowflakes falling from the sky. I became obsessed with patterns, structures, and trying to understand what simple tasks gave enough space for emergent patterns to arise but still maintained the exciting energy of surprise and spontaneity. The final work consisted of 4 main structured improvisational scores that the dancers navigated each night of performance.


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