immersive AR audio experiences


︎ Locative media
︎ Sound mapping
︎ GPS-triggering audio experiences
︎ Worldwide ︎

A project in collaboration with sound artist Samara Rice.

︎ current SonicMvmtScapes AR audio experiences:

︎︎︎ Santa Ana, California, USA - COMING SOON
︎︎︎ Brussels, Belgium - COMING SOON
SonicMvmtScapes is an immersive AR audio experience that invites participants into their sensing and feeling body’s as they engage with urban and natural landscapes in new ways and contexts. The audio experience utilizes sound mapping and movement as a means to alter the way one perceives place.

The project will be accessible in various cities and local parks across the globe via an app where the sound recordings will exist for users to access at anytime. Each audio experience is GPS-mapped in a specific location and sounds will be activated by how the user moves through place. The specific location of each audio experience will also inform the content inside. The audio experience will include original music compositions, field recordings, movement tasks, meditative tasks, questions, reflections, and more.

We hope to engage people of the local communities where each audio experience is created. SonicMvmtScapes is for the community of each specific location. It is for the people who engage with those landscapes everyday, for the people who cross the pathway where our audio experience begins, for the people who walk their dogs on that path, for the people who need to escape for a moment and go to walk that familiar path, for the people curious about these neighborhoods.

SonicMvmtScapes is an invitation for individuals to gain a deeper connection to the places they are a part of, to speculate the ways they relate to space through movement and sound, and to enter a heightened state of listening and presence. SonicMvmtScapes aims to deepen our connection and relation to place so that we can begin to approach place, the self, and others with a heightened sense of care.


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