music industry collabs

various artists

2016 - present

︎ movement direction, choreography, performance, collaboration
︎ UK, USA, Japan, Belgium
︎ music videos + live performances

I have often worked together with various artists in the music industry as a performer, choreographer, or movement director for both live performances and music videos. Over the past years I have worked with Oneohtrix Point Never (US), Little Grim (UK), Platonica Erotica (UK), Zookino (US/JP), Piksel (UK/LT) and Borev (BE).

Dancers at the Barbican Centre in London, UK for Oneohtrix Point Never’s MYRIAD Show in July 2018. They performed for the song ‘Black Snow’. 

Dancers | Sara Augieras, Natifah White, Livia Massarelli, Leanne Vincent, Yasmine Lindskog
Choreography | Yasmine Lindskog
Costumes | Emily Schupert

Dancers getting ready before performances at the Roundhouse London for Oneohtrix Point Never’s MYRIAD Show in March 2019. They performed for the song ‘Black Snow’.

Dancers | Leanne Vincent, Sara Augieras, Giulia Iurza, Paola Drera, Camilla Isola
Choreography | Yasmine Lindskog
Costumes | Emily Schupert

I directed movement and choreographed for Little Grim’s Hoodie music video, produced by Do Not Entry. The music video was an award nominee for BFI Future Film Festival (2018) in London, UK.

A dance video among the bleak dystopian wastelands.

Cast and Crew
LOU Conrad Williamson
EMILY Sasha Colvile

PRODUCER Charlie Hicks
1st AC Michael Hobdell
2nd AC Malika Sheikh
GRADE Daniel Garden
CHOREOGRAPHY Yasmine Lindskog
HAIR & MAKE-UP Tabitha Mei-Bo Li
COSTUME Bella Roach

Directed and choreographed movement for Hannah of Platonica Erotica.

I Want To Be Every Man I Meet by Platonica Erotica (2022)

MUSIC Platonica Erotica
CONCEPT Hannah Hayden
CHOREOGRAPHY Yasmine Lindskog
DIRECTOR James Ogram
DP Mike Pain
GAFFER Alex Butler


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