SYNCING: _______

a quarterly multi-sensory series


︎ Hybrid: online + in-person
︎ Eco-somatic processes
︎ More-than-human world, cyclical, communal
︎ Worldwide ︎

︎ Part-bookclub, part-movement workshop, part-ritual, part-scavenger hunt

Past participants joining from California, Hawai’i, New York, Texas, Czech, Canada, UK, Germany, Belgium, and Colombia.

In 2021, I curated a quarterly multi-sensory hybrid event merging the cyclical, the seasonal, movement, and the communal. I called it SYNCING SERIES. I wanted to offer a way to counter the fast-paced nature of the everyday through a more slow and durational workshop offering. A space to connect to the present, to observe change, and to connect to the places one is a part of. The workshop series combined various disciplines to give participants a chance to find different ways and approaches to connect to their bodies, communities, places, and to the seasons. It spanned meditation, writing, reflection, movement, cold water immersion, guided-audio journeys, rituals, and sound coding. A communal online platform allowed participants to anonymously share images, reflections, audio recordings, and more each week. I could never quite find the words to describe this workshop. I almost want to define it as an intimate book club but instead of a book we are using our bodies, and instead of reading words, we are reading seasons and the lines between are the feelings of places, and the flipping of pages is the heightening of our presence and the recognition of the passing of time.


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