Project Syntrex: PLACES

a multi-media + immersive performance


︎ multi-media performance
︎ migration, sense of place, borders, belonging
︎ sound design, animation, movement, performance, collaboration
︎ london, uk; haarlem, netherlands

Project Syntrex is a collective of artists drawn to creating dynamic live experiences which interrogate modern day issues by integrating sound, image, movement and technology. I joined Project Syntrex as a collaborator and founding member from 2018-2019 to work on their show PLACES, which explored the state of transitions. PLACES is a multi-media and immersive performance where abstract and surreal visuals interact with dance and music; creating ever-changing landscapes and environments.

DIRECTORS | Ieva Viati and Amy Dang

MUSIC | Ieva Viati aka Piksel

VISUALS | Amy Dang

CHOREOGRAPHY/PERFORMANCE | Sara Augieras and Yasmine Lindskog

TripSpace, London, UK, 2018
Toneelschuur Theatre, Haarlem, Netherlands, 2018
Netherlands Choreography Competition, 2018
The Pickle Factory, London, UK, 2019

PLACES investigates the idea of a self that does not belong to a place but rather frees itself through a constant journey of travels between places. The dancing bodies are thrown, unsettled, taken by a series of events that endlessly take the individuals through new places. Through the interactions, juxtapositions, and balance of visuals, movement, and sound, concepts of self, place, and discovery are explored.

The starting point for the collaboration of PLACES was the refugee crisis happening across Europe. In 2018, The Guardian had published an article documenting the 34,361 people who died trying to reach Europe to find a new home since 1993. This of course didn't include the thousands of undocumented people. We were  drawn to a journal called the MIGRANT JOURNAL, exploring migration in all of its forms. As a collective of artists our homes spanned France, Lithuania, China, USA, Sweden, and Finland. At the time we were all 'foreigners' living in the UK. We wanted to pull from these various ideas to build a multi-media performance around migration, escape, home, the foreign, place, and borders.

I drew a line:
this far, and no further,
never will I go further than this.

When I went further,
I drew a new line,
and then another line.

The sun was shining
and everywhere I saw people,
hurried and serious,
and everyone was drawing a line,
everyone went further.

-Toon Tellegen


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