OPEN movement practice

on-going movement classes

︎︎︎ February - March 2023
︎︎︎ open to ALL levels
︎︎︎ Studio JOJI, Rue de la Glacière 18, Saint-Gilles, Brussels, BE
︎︎︎ Sundays 19h à 20.30h

︎︎︎ donation-based

︎ to register email skogdans@gmail.com

In February and March 2023, I organized an open movement practice at Studio JOJI on Sunday evenings from 19 à 20.30h for all levels. Each Sunday was a new invitation to dive into movement, to research, to play, to connect with a community, and to discover the infinite pathways inside, outside, around, through, and of us. 

“This movement research practice is focused on presence, physicality, and spontaneity with both an individual and collective focus. We will approach our bodies as subterranean spaces with boundless potential for self-discovery, adaptability, and imagining. Allowing our bodies to react on their own impulses, instinctually awakening each sense as we begin to approach our body and those around us with trust, presence, and care. From these heightened states, we move through space, bodies, landscapes, boundaries, and borders, as we unearth the depth and potential of our physicality. We will return to instincts, the cyclical, irrationality, and disorder to discover the infinite possibilities of movement. We will unlock the complex architectures, the vibrating energy, emerging together in a shared ecosystem of space, bodies, sound, and the other. The class may include improvisation, movement puzzles, movement taking us in and out of the floor, and phrase work.”


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