0.0 Series

pop-up art events


︎ multi-media, immersive performances, music, djs, lighting design, visual arts, curation
︎ SPACE853 Gallery, Long Beach, CA, USA
︎ Press - LB Post 

Artists featured in past events:

visual arts |   Lainey Atwood
dance | Katie Istvan, Yasmine Lindskog,  Alvaro Nuñez Ramos, Jack Taylor 
music | Josh Taylor, Tom Kendall, Matt Istvan, Nichoal Whitticar
film |   Alvaro Nuñez Ramos
lighting | Alvaro Nuñez Ramos
photography | Megan Guise

Pop-up art events curated by Yasmine Lindskog, Katie Istvan, and Lainey Atwood in downtown Long Beach, California. 

0.0 series was created in 2018 as a platform for local and emerging interdisciplinary artists to share their work in downtown Long Beach, California. The platform was a space for experimentation and process-based art making that is responsive to the social and urban environments. 

Events included live DJ sets, immersive performances, dance, visual arts, lighting design,  films, and interactive art installations.


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